Church Services

Relate Deeply, Worship Creatively, Teach Effectively

Though there are many ways of fulfilling the above title, we believe that when we gather together these three aspects of church life are central to our life and worship together.

To relate deeply cannot happen at a church service. This can only occur in smaller relationships through small groups or close friendships. However, at Holy Trinity, we value relationships and endeavour to build these together. Without deep relating, our worship is shallow.

Worshiping together can all too easily slip into dead formality. Certainly we have a liturgy, and we believe it our responsibility to live and act creatively as people inspired by the Spirit of God. We live and learn from those who have gone before and mould it to shape what is to come. We have no right to stagnate in our corporate worship together.

It has been said that preaching is a dead activity in a modern world. We do not believe this to be true. Preaching or teaching are moments in time when people hear ‘together’ the Word of God. If its proclamation is boring or incapable of holding people’s attention, that is the fault of the communicator not the scripture. We believe teaching that is effective under the Spirit of God will shape and direct a community of faith. At Holy Trinity we work hard to make our preaching effective.

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