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  ACH Prayer letter May 2011


Dear Friends,

It has a been a while since we sent you our last prayer letter.

We are grateful to you for being part of this ministry in Cambodia.

It is getting very hot again as April and May are the hottest months of the year.

Updates on -

Children- All the children are happily enjoying school. Kong (grade 12) and Sreymom (grade 9) will be taking their national exams this July. The rest of the other children will take their final exams in August. They are all going well in their studies. Please pray for our two children as they prepare for their exams in July and also for the rest of the other children.


LyHeang – Ly Heang has not been very well for some months now. He has a back ache. He had seen a local masseur and taken some herbal medicines but it didn’t help so we took him to see a medical doctor. The doctor gave him some medicine and some shots and he was on medication for some days. There was no improvement again. He could no longer stay in school so he took leave and came home for 2 weeks. While at home, we took him to see another doctor. This time he had x-rays and was on medication for another week. He said he feels much better now and is back to his Bible School. Please continue to pray for his health and his studies.


House – In our last newsletter, we mentioned our need for a cheaper house. One of our donors had to stop giving from last October and therefore we have been praying for a cheaper house. Our present house is a nice one and we all love the house. Not only that, but the landlord is a nice man too. We hunted for a cheaper house but couldn’t get the right one for us. So we shared our problem with the landlord and asked if he can help us by discounting the cost by $30 which would be a big help. At first he was not willing so we started looking for another house again. After a week he called us to say that he has decided to discount the price by $30. Thank you all for standing with us in your prayers. From next month, June, our rent will be $250 and not $280.


Adono – The Bible School (Phnom Penh) where Adono teaches has finished it’s one year academic session on 13th May. The School will reopen on 15th Aug. She will join the Girls’ Brigade Singapore in Phnom Penh from next month, June, to take care of a Girls dorm. This is a ministry to university students who come from the provinces into Phnom Penh and cannot afford other housing. She will continue to teach part- time at the Bible School though. We thank the Lord for opening more opportunities for her to serve Him. Please keep her in your prayers as she takes up this new ministry.


Merenla – Merenla has gone home (Nagaland,India) on 20th May to be with her aged mother for 2 months. We would like to thank Aren, her sister, for providing her financial needs to buy her ticket. In her absence, a local church pastor’s wife, Mrs.Kanya is voluntarily taking care of the home and the children. We are indeed thankful to God for His goodness and faithfulness in all His ways. Adono, besides her responsibility in Phnom Penh will also visit and take care of ACH on weekends. Merenla will return on the 22nd July. Please keep her and her family in your prayers for good health and safe trip.

Praise –

1. God for answering our prayers for funds through New Zealand friends.

2. God for good health

3. God for the kind landlord


Pray for –

1. Safety and protection upon our home and the children

2. Wisdom and physical strength for Adono as she takes up a new  responsibility.

3. Merenla’s time at home and her safe return

4. Children’s examinations


God bless you as you participate in the mission of Cambodia. Your prayers, finance and support encourage us deeply as we serve God.


Many blessings,

From all of us at Agape

Dear friends,

                    Greetings fromAgape Children’s Home. Through your constant financial and prayer supports Agape is going on smoothly in all matters.

                    Children have started their new Academic Session from this month,2nd October.They are all very really excited to be in the higher classes with their new books and uniforms.The oldest boy in the home is in grade 12, the second oldest girl is in grade 9,three are in grade 6, the other three are in grade 4 and the youngest girl is in grade 1.  

                       Agape Children’s Home had completed  5 years on 15th of October.We  had a time of thanksgiving prayers and retrospect how God has been leading,helping and blessing us within these five years.It was a moment of  joy and heart touching, remembering how God has been so good and gracious towards Agape Children’s Home.

                      Agape Children’s Home were blessed to have been visited by Adonos sending body Mission Board members on 16th and  17th of October.They encouraged and edified us from the word of God and blessed us financially.We are thankful to them for their visit and blessing us richly.

                      Dear friends,please continue to keep Agape Children’s Home in your prayers.You  are all remembered fondly in our thoughts and prayers.Thank you for your love, concern and support.May the Lord continue to bless you all richly.

We want to share with you what we have been doing with our children in these 5 years.


1.Spiritual Motivation-We emphasis that each one believing and accepting Jesus as the only true and living God.

2.Prayer life- We encourage them to develop and keep private prayer and devotion with the lord besides our regular morning mass prayer and every night prayer meeting.They have developed strong faith in prayer as God has answered so many of their prayers in these 5 years.

3.Bible Reading-At every night prayer meeting they do systematic Bible reading, book wise.As Bible is the living word of God, sharper than the edged sword.We believe that God will work in their lives through the Bible reading and memorizing the Bible verses. Every Thursday night,they recite Bible memory verses.

4. Sunday night worship- On Sunday they go to Sunday School.At night we organize worship service where the kids take all the parts by themselves as a training.We feel the Holy Spirit working and moving among us as we worship Him in our home.

5.Giving-They are learning to give to the Lord through offering and tithes from their pocket money.

6.Social-We emphasis the golden rule of the Bible ‘’Do to others what you want others to do’’.They have learned to be friendly,helpful,respectful and care for each other.

7.Culture-We encourage them to learn and respect all cultures.They get apportunities to interact with many natoinalities with different cultures.They feel comfortable to mix and interact with other cultures now as we often have visitors and team from different countries.

8.Values-We emphasis so much on life values such as honesty,respect,obedience,hardwork,sincerity,punctually,good manners,cleanliness,goodliness etc.We are joyful as we see the seeds are germinating.

9.We encourage them to know who they are and to accept them just as they are, as each person is unique creation of God,and each individual is precious in Gods sight.

1.,Constructive Criticism-We do give them constructive criticism as we understand that it gives ways to make a good thing better.We  feel it is also a way of encouragement.We appreciate our children as they accept things positively.We do get motivation through their positive response.

11.Discipline-Lastly but not the least, we discipline them strictly as discipline is the way to teach a child,the  way where one should go.Discipline is not punishment. We believe that by disciplining our children at their tender age,we are giving them some important values and tools for their future success and happiness.


Dear friends,these are some highlights of  how we train, motivate and mentor our children at Agape Children’s Home.We pray and hope that you will continue to stand with us as we train these precious children in the days/years to come.


Praise points-

1.thank God for the children’s result.All have passed in their final exam.

2.for the good health and His protection upon us.

3.for continually providing our needs always on time

4.Ly Heang for completing his one year at the Bible School


Pray for-

1.the children as they start their new classes for 2010 – 2011

2.the safety and good health

3.all the activities in our home

4.Ly Heang as he struggles with his studies at the Bible School

5.His wisdom and patience upon Merenla and Adono






With love from all of us,








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