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Here you can find out more about SPACE and submit your registration.    We will be adding more sessions in 2017 - Watch this SPACE!

Session Times (based around school term times)         Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Friday                                         

SPACE is mainly for parents with newborn babies. Sessions are held over 3 to 4 blocks in a very relaxed, baby friendly atmosphere. We know all parents want to give their precious new baby the best start in life they can. At SPACE, we believe that you, as the child’s parent, are the best and most important educator of your child. Through a quality programme of discussions and information sharing, play, music and books, we aim to arm you with the skills to give your child that best start you desire. SPACE is designed as a special time for you and your newborn alone, so if you have toddlers, they will need to be cared for elsewhere.

Cost:- $15.00 booking and registration fee to be payable on Registration, and $35.00 per block, due within 1 month of you starting SPACE.

To learn more about SPACE, please visit the National website


It is important that parents wishing to participate in a SPACE session, register early (before you have the baby is good). This will enable us to plan a position for you and prepare accordingly. The full SPACE programme runs over four terms. 

Click here to Register for the next SPACE programme

We look forward to welcoming you and your newborn.  Should you wish to discuss SPACE @ HTT, please use the following contacts: e-mail:-

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