Tuesday Evening - ESOL - Christian Conversation

Tuesday  7.30pm - 9.15pm in the Church Hall

Conversation Class - All levels

 · Teach English using everyday conversation topics and current events.

 - Teach English structure and grammar through reading and writing activities.

 - Introduce the person of Jesus Christ through DVDs, the Bible and discussion.

 - Give opportunities to the students to develope a relationship with Jesus Christ.

ESOL Christian Conversation Classes have been running at Holy Trinity for more than 7 years with all our students being successful in improving their English skills.


ESOL Christian Conversation Class is a time of fun, fellowship and learning for those who want to improve their conversational English and grammar. We have classes for beginners through to advanced speakers.


Students have come from many nations, including Russia, China, Iran, Taiwan, Bulgaria, Hong-Kong, Japan, Bangladesh, Korea, Turkey, Chile and Vanuatu, Iraq,

Brazil, Argentina, Germany, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

For further information contact Janice Bailey ph 07 576 7839 or mob 027 282 3921

or Reception at Holy Trinity email reception@holytrinitytauranga.com phone 07 578 7718

Term Dates:

Term 1 Tuesday 14th February - 12th April

Term 2 Tuesday 2nd May - 5th July

Term 3 Tuesday 25th July - 26th September

Term 4 Tuesday 16th October - 28th November

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