Caring for
each other

Caring for each other is one of the hallmarks of life at Holy Trinity

Serving each other and those in need

Pastoral Care and Prayer

A Pastoral care team maintains up to date information on the health and wellbeing of parishioners, receiving information of life events and supporting through phone or personal contact. A dedicated team of prayers lift individual needs to Jesus and we see some wonderful answers as He works.

Parish Pantry

Food supplied by the parish is stored and redistributed as the need arises to parishioners or immediate contacts of the parish. This includes soups and casseroles.

Rest Home and Hospital Visitation

A large team of lay leaders conduct services of communion in the local rest homes on a monthly basis and also supplement the hospital chaplaincy for visits to parishioners.

Dad’s Army

Dad’s Army is a volunteer group within the church life who work to help parishioners on a case by case basis with practical jobs that are within the range of the skills of the team available.

Caring Team

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