ON HOLD Messy Church

Due to Covid and hall renovation this programme is on hold till late November/early December.

Messy Church?” I hear you ask, “Who would want church to be messy?”

Created in an Anglican setting in the U.K., Messy Church is a hands on ministry to families who are unlikely to walk into a Sunday morning structure. Simply, it is a different way of “doing church.”

With core values of being Christ centred, All-age and showing, Creativity, Hospitality and Celebration, it can happen.

The programme consists of:

  • Hands on activities, around a biblical theme: our first one was Forgiveness; a new start.
  • An interactive story from the Bible such as Luke 5 : 17-26 where Jesus heals the paralytic man whose friends let him down through the roof.
  • 'A meal together’ like Pizza and salad with cake for desert.

You could be involved in running Messy Church:

  • Join the core group of enthusiasts to run the fun craft activities.
  • Come to support by helping to set up, help out and clean up (servant hearts).
  • Foodies to organise the evening meal.
  • Prayers/ Intercessors to cover each session with prayer.

If you want to find out how it works, come along to a session!  See you there!

Next dates are :

Messy church usually runs monthly on the 3rd Sunday of each month 4 - 6 pm. (March - November)

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