Village Life

People come from all over the area to worship at Holy Trinity, but sometimes they don’t know which HTT people live around the road from them. So we ‘meet together’ in various ways, in groups or in more personal way to connect, and build our lives together, always looking to include others outside out networks.


HTT is divided into ten villages, each representing a smaller geographical area.  Each village will know who lives in their area and be able to better pray for and support each other.  Village ‘elders’ will coordinate getting everyone together from time to time to enjoy each other’s company, and if times get really hard, even to host local worship events.

The village areas are Central (City to 15th Ave); Coastal (Mt Maunganui and Papamoa); Welcome Bay (inc. Hairini, Maungatapu and Ohauiti); The Lakes and Pyes Pa; Greerton and Tauranga South; Bethlehem; Otumoetai (including Brookfield and Matua), Te Puna; Omokoroa; and Copper Crest.  If you live in one of these areas you will be contacted by someone inviting you to an event, or just to connect.

Life Groups and small groups

Apart from village life, parishioners often meet in smaller more personal surroundings. For clarity’s sake, a life group is one whose members ‘share life’ together in all its mess and joy.  While often drawn from across the city, membership might be based on geographical area, existing relationships, or common interest.  A small group, however, is usually drawn together by friendship, a set task, or a demographic, such as the age, gender or foci such as prayer or service.

A list of small groups is available on request from the Parish Pastor

Crisis and specialist support (prayer chain, pastoral)

Most ‘pastoral care’ (which is only really people caring for each other in personal and practical ways) is done ‘beneath the radar', but sometimes there is a practical or spiritual need which requires either specialist or another dedicated resource.  Either you or someone you trust can approach the Vicar, Parish Pastor, Life Group or other leader for prayer, support and help of various kinds.

This could include marriage/relationship assistance, prayer ministry to help spiritual growth, praying through homes or just helpful advice.

We also have a Ministry of Helps which brings together gifts of service including a Parish Pantry and freezer foods and a practical help team for one off gardening or home handyman duties.

Mainly Music

This is a great programme which draws together mothers and pre-schoolers for a half hour of music and movement style programme, followed by a chance to common share life themes over morning tea.  The event is big enough to have some energy in it but small enough to build some meaningful relationships with other on the parenting journey, or receive sage input from the leaders.

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