Praying for
‍each other

Prayer is one of the hallmarks of life at Holy Trinity

Praying for each other, the church and for the world.

Healing Prayer

All Sunday services – if you want prayer for yourself or someone close to you, please receive your Communion first and then proceed to far left where the Prayer Ministry Team will be waiting for you. Prayer Ministry Coordinators: Richard and Diane Trentham.

Wednesday 10am service – there is laying on of hands for healing with communion on the first Wednesday of each month.

Prayer Chain

This is available to everyone. If there are needs that you would like other people to pray for (it does not matter what they are) then all you need to do is make contact with the prayer chain. It is confidential and effective. Contact

Restoring the Foundations (RTF)

RTF is an extended form of prayer ministry that aims, with God’s help, to restore faulty foundations in our lives that hinder us living the life and being the people God created us for. People have found great healing through this ministry. More information and application forms are available in the foyer. RTF Coordinator: John & Gwen Binns

HTT Intercessors

HTT Intercessors is a network of parishioners committed to covering ministry leaders and parish ministry events with prayer. This ministry is an integral part of HTT’s commitment to having a culture of prayer (i.e. undergirding our parish life with prayer). If you feel called to this ministry and are interested in joining this network. Contact Gwen Binns

Prayer for the Church

Tuesdays 11.30am-12.30pm in the Prayer Room.

Daily Prayers

With staff at 8.45am in Prayer Room in the foyer.