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Mother and Daughters

our dream

Community Garden
Bible Lessons
Man in wheelchair
To be a community of faithfulness
To be faithful disciples of Jesus
To faithfully serve God's mission to a needy world
  • A place of welcome and hospitality, a place of food, fun and laughter.

  • A place to belong: life groups, villages, social offerings, friendship.

  • A place of formation, pastoral care, mentoring, shared pilgrimage.

  • A people who know Jesus and respond to his calling and leadership.

  • A people who share life together, who learn together, who pray together.

  • A people who make life decisions for the extension of the kingdom of God.

  • A community committed to serving and bringing light and life to the city centre.

  • A community that creates and innovates new ways, new communities, for people to belong and find faith and acceptance.

  • A community that responds to need and crisis, in prayer and acrtion.

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