Connect with others on the same journey

Connecting with others in groups is a way to go deeper

We are a church of small groups.

Are you interested in finding out what being a Christian actually is but you’re not that keen on the idea of having to go to Church on Sunday? Or maybe you are curious about Christianity, but you don’t know much about what Jesus did and said; you have doubts about bits of the Bible and you find it pretty hard going when you try to read it... or maybe you read some parts of it and end up saying “WHAT???!!!!!” Well joining a group can be a great place to start.


ESOL- Free Christian Conversation Classes.

There are conversation classes for those with English as a Second Language (Beginners to Advanced). Learn English using the Bible, depending on level, Mondays and Tuesdays.

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Solid Foundations

Solid Foundations is a pathway for adult believers in Jesus (both new and old) to learn how to know and follow Jesus as one of his disciples today. In small groups with other motivated believers we study and discuss different aspects of the journey with Jesus from becoming a brand new believer to becoming an effective disciple.

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Come and ask the big questions and explore what gives life its meaning at Alpha. An interesting low-key introductory course to Christianity. We will let you know when the next course is.

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Life Groups

Life groups are safe places where you aren’t being judged and you will be able to question, raise your doubts, and challenge the Christian view point. We’re just ordinary people doing our best to figure out why we are here on earth, what is the purpose of our existence?

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